Mortgage for everyone


The first offer we will check is a mortgage loan offered by Good Credit. The loan amount made available by this bank starts from USD 70,000. Available repayment periods start at one year and end at thirty-five years. The loan bears interest at 3.62% per annum.

The bank resigns


From charging commission for granting a liability, which reduces the costs associated with crediting.

APRC for a loan of USD 200,000 with a repayment period of 25 years is 3.68% per annum. A borrower who chooses a mortgage in this bank will incur costs of USD 102,450. Each of the monthly installments he will pay to the bank will be in the amount of USD 1 014.

The total cost will also be the amount of interest repaid and will amount to USD 104.250. 3M WIBOR is 1.72%, and the minimum own contribution up to 20% of the borrowed amount. Under this offer, there is no need to insure your credit or low own down payment insurance. Life insurance and bridging insurance are also not required, see for how to deal with loans.

Mortgage loan at Bank Loan and Credit


At Bank Loan and Credit you can take out a mortgage from USD 20,000. The loan period is six to thirty-six months. The nominal interest rate on the liability is 4.22% per annum, and the APRC is 4.30% per annum. Similarly to the previous bank, it gives up the calculation of commission for the mere award of a liability.

In the case of a USD 200,000 loan with a repayment period of 25 years, monthly installments will be USD 1,080 each. The loan will generate a total cost of USD 124,036 and in total it will be the total amount of interest paid. The 3M WIBOR rate in this case will be 1.72%.

The minimum own contribution at this bank will be lower than in the previous one and equal to 10% of the amount of the liability. When deciding on a liability at this bank, there is no need to insure the liability, nor do we have to insure a low own contribution.

When choosing a E-Money mortgage


At Good Finance Bank, we have a nominal interest rate of 4.89% per annum. To the costs we have to add another 2% of the borrowed commission fee for the bank. The APRC here will be 5.21% per annum. The installments for our loan amount will be USD 1 156.

The total loan will cost USD 150,920, of which the total amount of interest repaid will be USD 146,920. The bank does not require borrowers to insure either a loan or low down payment.

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